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A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Apple in the US District Court for the District of New Jersey after a man died in an apartment fire nearly two years ago which allegedly began when his Apple iPad burst into flames.

The wrongful death lawsuit that seeks compensatory damages, interest, costs, and attorney fees from Apple, is being brought by the daughter of the man killed. The lawsuit alleges the fire was caused by “a defect” affecting the lithium ion battery pack of the iPad.

“The subject tablet was unreasonably dangerous and unsafe for its intended purpose by reasons of defects in its design and/or its manufacture and/or a lack of adequate warnings which existed when Defendant Apple placed the subject tablet into the stream of commerce and/or when Defendant distributed and/or sold ‘updates’ to the subject tablet,” the lawsuit alleges.

According to, the chances of fires caused by lithium-ion batteries is around one in 10 million, but when a product is manufactured in the tens of millions, it does mean there will be a number of fires each year.

Click here to read the entire wrongful death lawsuit filed against Apple.

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