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In early December 2018, as his classmates were gearing up to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, Owen Abbott, a 13 year-old boy was killed in an Indiana school bus crash.

Students were on their way to a Christmas musical when a 26 year-old man hit the school bus with his truck on after it stopped at a railroad crossing in Marion County, Indiana.

There were 38 eight-graders on the school bus that morning, as well as three chaperones, and the school bus driver. A total of 22 students were injured in the accident and 13 year-old Owen was airlifted from the scene to a hospital in South Bend, Indiana. Owen later died of what was reported to be blunt for trauma to the head.

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Since the tragic event, Owen’s mother has filed a lawsuit against he 26 year-old driver and his employer. The lawsuit claims the driver of the truck was reckless, driving in a negligent manner, and failed to stop for the school bus at the railroad crossing.

At the time original news on this lawsuit came out, the driver of the truck had yet to arrested or cited for the accident. While the lawsuit was filed on December 11, 2018, there have been little to no media update on the school bus case and it remains to be seen what will unfold.

Regardless, a bright young boy was taken from the world on that day in early December, bringing tragedy to his family and creating a traumatic day for all of the other children on that school bus.

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