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The family of a Tennessee patient killed in an ambulance wreck has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against West Tennessee Healthcare and the driver of the ambulance.

In a lawsuit filed on behalf of Nyema Jackson’s children, the prosecutors say that a preliminary investigation into the ambulance wreck determined that “excessive speed” and weather conditions were the main causes of the crash. Witnesses of the ambulance wreck also said the vehicle’s lights and sirens were not activated, according to WSMV.

EMS provider Deborah Schichtel told police the rain caused the vehicle to hydroplane while trying to negotiate around a road curve. The ambulance struck a rock wall, ejecting Jackson and paramedic Zachary Pruitt. Both were pronounced dead at a local hospital.

According to the lawsuit obtained by EMS 1, the “proximate cause of Jackson’s injuries, damages, suffering, and death, was the negligence of Defendant Schichtel, who was negligent by failing to maintain a proper lookout; by failing to maintain proper control of her vehicle; by driving too fast for the road conditions; by failing to make use of the proper visual and audible emergency signals; by disregarding her duty to use due care for the safety of all persons; and by recklessly disregarding the safety of others.”

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