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Florida midterm voters recently restored the rights to vote for felons with its approval of Amendment 4.

The amendment to the state constitution was passed with at least a 2 million-plus margin. The approval paves the way for potentially millions of convicted felons in the state to vote.

Amendment 4 in Florida applies to felons who served their sentence, including parole and probation, but will not apply to those convicted of murder or sexual offenses, per the USA Today.

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The change is expected to affect future election results in Florida, as well as presidential races.

“On bulk, I think the measure is very positive,” Rob Scott, executive director of the Cornell University Prison Education Program told the Palm Beach Post. “Enfranchising a million voters is nothing small. It is a big deal and a shift in American criminal justice policy thinking in relation to the concept of rehabilitation and second chances.”

Going into the election, Florida was one of four states where convicted felons do not regain the right to vote, until and unless a state officer or board restores an individual’s voting rights.

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