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The family of a mentally ill Tennessee man who died after being subdued in a Missouri jail in May 2017 is seeking $20 million in a federal lawsuit.

Tory Sanders died at a hospital after a scuffle with then-Sheriff Hutcheson and other officers, according to the Associated Press. The lawsuit alleges that Hutcheson ignored warnings from another officer to stop putting pressure on Sanders’ neck, responding, “No, I’m good.”

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The federal lawsuit filed this past week said Sanders was taunted, hit with a stun gun, pepper sprayed, beaten, punched and choked while “pleading for help and struggling to stay alive.” The lawsuit alleges civil rights violations, false imprisonment and wrongful death.

Sanders turned himself into police in Charleston, Missouri, telling officers there was a warrant out for his arrest.

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“I need to see a mental health doctor to save my life and my kids’ life,” Sanders said.

A mental health counselor ruled Sanders was suffering from paranoia as a result of substance abuse, and that he should be hospitalized for observation, the wrongful death lawsuit said.

But he remained at the Mississippi County Jail in Charleston where he was later beaten by Hutcheson.

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