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Rapper Mac Miller died of a suspected overdose a week ago at the age of 26, shocking many music fans around the world.

But during his rise to fame, Mac Miller, whose real name is Malcolm McCormick, created a trust as part of his will.

A will is a legal document which informs the others about the right person who is authorized to get one’s possessions when they are no more. It includes the number of witnesses whose involvement is so much necessary to ensure the authenticity of this document.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast and E! News, McCormick’s estate was left to one of his friends, lawyer David Byrnes. If he fails to act as the will’s representative, the late rapper appointed his brother, Miller McCormick, to take his place, via the USA Today.

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Mac Miller also set up a trust titled the “Malcolm McCormick Revocable Trust.” Appointed members of his trust will have access to his residuary estate, but it is unclear who is labeled as a trustee.

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