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The estate of Marlins ace Jose Fernandez settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the families of two other men who were with him in a fatal boat crash two years ago on an ocean jetty in Miami Beach, according to multiple reports.

The families of Emilio Macias, 27, and Eduardo Rivero, 25, filed the wrongful death suit against Fernandez’s estate last year. The men were not found to have been legally drunk at the time of the late-night crash, though Rivero was found to have had cocaine in his blood as was Fernandez who also had a blood alcohol content of .14 and was driving his boat, Kaught Looking at an extremely high rate of speed at night where there are jetties.

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The terms of the settlement were not disclosed. The settlement for the boat crash came on what would have been Fernandez’s 26th birthday.

“It is my hope that the families of Eddie and Emilio can gain some closure on the tragic loss of their sons,” Christopher Royer, an attorney that represented the Macias and Rivero estates told the Sun Sentinel.

At the time of the wrongful death lawsuit, Fernandez’s lawyer (Ralph Fernandez) issued a response that alleged Fernandez had been framed as responsible for the boat crash. He also suggested that his drink had been spiked with illegal drugs, and argued that the Marlins pitcher was on the phone with a friend who claims he was not steering just moments before the crash.

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Ralph Fernandez reversed course after the settlement.

“I’m delighted that this stage of the conflict has concluded,” he said. “And I can’t wait for the opportunity to voice details as to why this settlement happened.

“From day one, when I delivered the eulogy for Jose, I addressed how the three young men died tragically and would travel forever in paradise. My position is still the same: There is no way to console any of the families for this loss.”