Austin Harrouff has been called “a monster” by family members of a woman killed in a face-biting attack and murder in Florida and the accused cannibal-style attacker is now facing a wrongful death lawsuit in addition to first-degree murder and other charges.

Family members of Michelle Stevens, who was killed in the face-biting attack in Martin County Florida in 2016 have filed a lawsuit that says Harrouff was a habitual binge-drinker, user of illegal drugs and pills with a history of violence, even though test results showed Harrouff was not on drugs.

“My understanding is that by the time the samples were taken from Harrouff, if was too late for that determination to be made by FBI or police labs,” said Evan Fetterman, Mishon’s family attorney. “We believe that evidence will show that continued use of hallucinogens can result in abnormal behavior, even when there is no specific drug found in the system.”

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Harrouff said he was running from a demon on the night of the alleged murders of Stevens and her husband, John Stevens at their home on Aug. 15, 2016.

The first responding officers on scene found Harrouff biting at the face of Stevens and spitting out his flesh.

Harrouff, a former Florida State student asked for forgiveness on the Dr. Phil Show and said didn’t know why he did it.

“We have not heard in hundreds of hours of phone calls a single expression of remorse,” said the sister of Michelle Stevens. “He even referred to his time in jail as like being on vacation.”

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The wrongful death lawsuit for the face-biting attack is seeking unspecified damages. Harrouff is facing two counts of first degree murder with a weapon, two counts of second degree murder with a weapon, and one count of attempted first degree murder for a weapon.